The Refinery-Wide Performance Webinar Series

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We know that refineries are always looking for new ways to compete more effectively in the fast-paced global oil economy. That's why SimSci-Esscor is presenting a new series of educational webinars to tackle some of the important issues facing today's petroleum enterprise. We've pulled together some of our leading industry experts to present and explain new methods and new solutions that can help improve your refinery's profitability. To begin the program, we have scheduled three presentations and invite you to register for all three.

Please don't hesitate to invite your colleagues to attend as well. Each session will be presented live twice each day, so you and your colleagues can participate no matter where you are in the world.

Improve refinery profitability – integrate your off-sites and process optimization applications

Off-sites applications and online optimization applications are both important to your business. However, enabling these systems to share data in real time will allow each application to perform more effectively because each will be working with better data.

The result is a significant reduction in the delta between planned vs. actual results, reduction in feed stock costs, improved product quality management, and timely order fulfilment. Typical benefits range from $0.10 to $0.50 per barrel.

Who should attend: Plant management, Planning management, Engineering management

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How to improve refinery profitability with real-time, online, optimization

As the price of raw materials, utilities, and refined products change, sometimes by the minute, maximizing profitability means having an optimization program – at the unit and plant wide levels – that can adapt to variable economic data and operating conditions in real time.

The ability to view what is happening at your plant minute-by-minute enables you to make better business decisions.

Who should attend: Plant Managers, Operations Managers

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Make better feedstock business decisions in real-time with Assay Knowledge Management

Adequately understanding the properties of feedstocks, so refiners can consistently make the best choices in trading and processing, is essential for improving refinery profitability. And this is exactly what Assay Knowledge Management does.

Effective Assay Knowledge Management can increase margins by 50 cents/barrel by enabling a wider crude diet.

Who should attend: Plant Managers, Engineers, Operations Managers, Planners, Supply Traders

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Using New Modeling Technology to Help Solve Heavy Oil Processing Issues

Heavy feedstocks present difficult operational challenges for refiners that can add to safety risks and reduce profitability. Processing heavy crudes safely and profitably can require development of new equipment or major changes in operating conditions.

Innovative new methods, which model heavier feedstock processing more accurately, enable refiners to adapt their processes more easily.

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Who should attend: Plant Managers, Process Engineers, Engineering Managers, Operations Managers, Process Design Engineers

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Reducing Material Losses with Better Yield Accounting

Leading refining and petrochemical companies worldwide require continually tighter controls over material losses. It's a complex issue, and numerous factors interfere with accurate accounting of refinery materials. Missing data, error-laden data, and time constraints, for example, can all prevent the development of a proper accounting.

Learn how a new yield accounting solution can improve accounting of raw material, inventory, and end product. Also learn how improved accounting can reduce unaccounted and real losses, and even identify faulty instruments.

The end result is a dramatically improved bottom line – for a typical refinery it's about $4.1M/year.

Who should attend: Plant Managers, Operations Managers, Finance Directors, Finance Managers, Engineering Managers

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Aging Workforce and Operator Training – Improve your bottom line with faster, more effective training techniques

Inexperienced and undertrained operators are a liability, risking not only the safety of refinery personnel but also the refinery's profitability. A less experienced operations workforce is likely to become a persistent trend as an older generation of employees is replaced by a new generation with less time on the job.

Refineries need new methods and strategies to get their workforce up to speed faster, and transfer knowledge, experience, and skills from one generation to the next.

Learn how new training methods that utilize modern simulation technologies can help you train your workforce just like fighter pilots learn to fly a jet. These methods are fast, efficient, and much more effective.

Who should attend: Plant Managers, Operations Managers, Training Managers, Human Resource Managers

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Ask the Refinery Performance Expert

Dr. Martin TurkDr. Martin Turk is the Global Director for Hydrocarbon Processing Industries at Invensys responsible for managing the delivery of advanced automation solutions to 23 of the world’s top 25 petroleum companies. Martin has over 40 years of experience in the processing industry.

Martin is available to answer questions and/or discuss ideas and solutions related to optimizing performance and improving profitability. Don't miss this opportunity and get the answers to your questions!

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