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Aging Workforce and Operator Training

Improve your bottom line with faster, more effective training techniques

In the search for improved profitability, refineries worldwide know that the game is won or lost each day on the front lines with highly skilled, experienced operations teams. They also know that inexperienced and undertrained operators are a liability, risking not only the safety of refinery personnel but also the refinery’s profitability.

A less experienced operations workforce is likely to become a persistent trend as an older generation of employees is replaced by a new generation. Refineries need new methods and strategies to get their workforce up to speed faster, transferring knowledge, experience, and skills from one generation to the next.

Fortunately, the science of human performance management has converged with education and industrial technologies in a solution that can dramatically improve human performance and reduce the “time to experience” of your most important asset, your technical workforce.

Join Trevor Cusworth, Enterprise Client Executive at Schneider Electric, and Howard Jemison, Consulting Engineer at Schneider Electric and expert in operator training simulation, as they introduce you to the new world of virtual reality training technology. Learn how this new technology – virtual reality and simulation – enables operators to train on an offline control system that’s an identical model of the control room environment. It captures all behavior and controls all plant responses in the same manner as the actual plant.

Why attend

  • Learn how to improve the performance of your most valuable assets
  • Learn how to attract the next generation of technical talent
  • Learn new methods to improve safety and avoid operational pitfalls
  • Learn how other companies are dealing with inexperienced operators
  • Discuss your experience with an expert in operator training

Who should attend

Plant Managers, Human Resource Managers, Operations Managers, Training Managers, Engineering Managers

Expert Speakers
Aging Workforce and Operator Training
Trevor Cusworth

Enterprise Client Executive

Trevor is committed to delivering measurable bottom-line business value improvement for manufacturing companies. He has more than 30 years’ experience in operations management, performance improvement, and software systems consulting for process and discrete manufacturing clients. He has developed successful value-added strategies for customers on a global scale, with hands-on experience across many industry segments, including the petro-chemical enterprise. Trevor’s particular strengths are in areas of opportunity identification and performance measurement, and he is especially passionate about sustainable performance improvement. Prior to Schneider Electric, Trevor held senior-level positions at Aspen Technology, Hagen & Co, and Deloitte Consulting. He has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

Aging Workforce and Operator Training
Ujjal Basu

Ujjal Basu is a technical sales consultant focused on dynamic simulation and OTS. In addition to his masters in chemical engineering from Michigan Tech, he has over 15 years of experience with implementation and presales of advanced application solutions for the process industries.