Real-Time Answers to Your Modernization Questions

Modernizing aspects of your real-time operation can yield bottom line results. Companies that modernize their control systems can expect significant benefits in terms of higher uptime, reduced maintenance and greater overall productivity. Depending on which migration strategy they choose, they could also see ROI in just a few months.

Invensys provides a comprehensive set of services to assist. This site highlights solutions offered for DCS Migration, Cyber Security, Pipeline SCADA solutions, and Turbomachinery control.

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DCS Migration

DCS MigrationThinking about upgrading your DCS legacy system? The DCS Migration website is dedicated to helping you determine the best upgrade approach, answering three fundamental questions:

  1. Which DCS upgrade approach provides the least risk and best return for your specific operation?
  2. What new system will provide the clearest path to a modern DCS and the promise of real-time enterprise control?
  3. What system will offer the lowest cost of ownership for the next 20 years or longer?

Cyber Security

Cyber SecurityEvery facility must address unique compliance concerns and managers are under more and more pressure to understand — and implement — cyber security programs that are sufficient to meet their needs without negatively impacting their business. Visit our Cyber Security video library and see how the industry's most experienced cyber security experts can help you achieve your security goals.

Pipeline SCADA Regulations

49CFRDOT regulations 49 CFR Parts 195.446 and 192.631 demand significant changes to the way pipeline operators approach supervisory control and data acquisition. We can help in all seven areas impacted by these regulations:

Turbomachinery ControlTurbomachinery Control

Many process facilities employ cogeneration plants to take advantage of excess heat, lower the costs of purchasing power from the grid, and ensure consistent power to the process. This paper focuses not on turbine replacement, but on the upgrade/replacement of the integrated governor and excitation system controls to extend the life of existing turbines.